Lonicera is the genus name for the group of plants commonly called Honeysuckles.  This name was given by Linnaeus in honor
                         of Adam Lonicer, a 16th century German botanist.  Lonicera itself can be an anagram of ‘Caroline’, but what interest or knowledge
                         would a zoologist like Elford Leach have in Honeysuckle?    The connection I discovered comes through a moth, the Alucita hexadactyla.
                         This is only species of Alucita that can be found in Great Britain and its larvae feed on honeysuckle. The Alucita hexadactyla belongs to
                         the family of moths called Alucitidae, the name which Elford Leach introduced in 1815.

                         There is the possibility that Leach used a random anagram of Lonicera for his isopods.