Perhaps Leach’s anagram stemmed from the term ‘Coraline’ and not ‘Caroline.’ In 1819, the Encyclopedia Britannica published
                         their Supplement to the 4th and 5th Editions, Volume 3. In this supplement was an entry written by Leach on Corallinidæ,
                         illustrated in PLATE LXVI.

                         I have also found published accounts attributing the name Corallina magnifica to Leach (1815), 1 but have not been able to
                         find an original source. Therefore, in the drawings, I have used an image of the lectotype or type species, Corallina

                         In accounting for the variation in spelling between the correct form ‘Coralline’ and my suggestion of ‘Coraline’, I can use
                         a letter written by Leach as example. On February 6, 1816 Leach wrote to the Speaker of the House of Commons describing
                         his collection in which he listed “British corals and coralines dried.” 2 It has also been noted that in many of his writings,
                         Leach’s penmanship, punctuation and spelling were frequently rather cavalier. 3

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