Caroline Lucretia Herschel was an astronomer and the first woman to discover a comet.   She was also the sister of
                          astronomer Sir Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel. Caroline discovered her first comet, on August 1, 1786. This comet,
                          now known as Comet C/1786 P1 (Herschel), was the first of eight comets to be discovered by her in the 1780s and
                          1790s. She also independently discovered M110 (NGC 205), the second companion of the Andromeda Galaxy.

                          It has been suggested that Elford Leach could have been honoring Caroline Herschel for the comets she had discovered. 1   
                          In 1818, when Leach was in France, both Latreille and Cuvier decided to accompany him back to England for a visit.
                          Leach would serve as Cuvier’s chaperon in London.  Cuvier was also lavishly entertained by Sir Joseph Banks, President
                          of the Royal Society, where they visited the 80 year old astronomer Sir William Herschel and his sister Caroline. 2

                          The Elfortania drawing is taken from Caroline’s notes and drawings recording the discovery of her first comet.

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